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Machine Learning for Db2 z/OS: Artificial Intelligence – Hype or Reality?

Machine learning for db2 review, now that the Db2 Optimizer has gone all Artificial Intelligent (AI).

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2019-04 ZOWE for Continuous Delivery – It’s worse than that – he’s tested Jim!

With this Db2 12 testing checklist, be ready to navigate into the Db2 Continuous Delivery world, well supported by Zowe, the modern IBM z/OS GUI

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2019-03 EXPLAIN data review

Db2 EXPLAIN example: a quick history of EXPLAIN and a new standard Db2 EXPLAIN Query to bring out the best and most underused columns.

2019-02 Global Temporary Confusion

Learn, through examples, why CGTT (CREATEd Global Temporary Tables) are possibly better than DGTT (DECLAREd Global Temporary Tables) and how to use them to speed up performance.

2019-01: Regular Expressions in Db2 SQL – Regulate this!

Impress your JAVA colleagues with Regular Expressions in Db2 SQL – Become a regex specialist with these samples (regex usage in the TSO Editor & regex as a predicate).
The references to blogs focusing on this topic (advanced pattern matching, regex testing and REGEXP_LIKE usage) will help round out your knowledge all about “Regular Expressions in Db2 SQL”.

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2018-12: Db2 Checklist – SQLCODEs as never seen before

With this SQLCODE list, from the “bad guys” through to the “odd guys” – e.g. the SQLCODE 100 – and then onto the “not so bad guys”, you can see a practical list of current SQLCODEs in production from around the globe, including their meaning. This review also analyzes the behaviour of some SQLCODEs and proposes some solutions to get your Db2 z/OS programs correctly processing these SQLCODEs.

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2018-11 db2 Numeric Primary Keys: Space, the final frontier?

What do Db2 numeric Primary Keys have to do with space management ?
How to find out which sequences are nearing their physical limit ?

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2018-10 Db2 bind lock: The Scary Case of the Missing Package

In the Db2 world during a BIND/REBIND, while using the command EXPLAIN(ONLY), you may experience a LOCK problems in production: get rid of Db2 lock-timeout – Db2 bind lock with the exposed SQL queries.

2018-09 Db2 Console output : Message in a bottle

With these sample queries, find out how to review your Db2 messages from a high level overview down to the details.
You can review the Db2 Console output from different perspectives and simply bypass the boring „J“ ones for Full Log and Log Offload to leave behind the interesting ones.

Now you have two possibilities to get the Console Messages from Db2, just write your own IFI program or buy our newly updated software (!)

2018-08 SOUNDEX and other “cool” features – Part six All new for Db2 12

Part six of my – everlasting – walk through of new Aggregate and Scalar functions. Following with :  HASH & WRAP Previous “SOUNDEX” Newsletters Part 5:  2018-07:  SOUNDEX and other „cool“ features – Part five All new for Db2 12 Part

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