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Video recording from August 1st, 2016 (engl)  – Video slides

Resetting from bad Access Paths –  be they static or dynamic  clarifying the rather opaque IBM Plan Stability Management

This 20 minutes webinar introduces you to our new pocket tool: RUNSTATS Rescue.

In this webcast we show you the complete RUNSTATS Rescue interface with live demos!

Webinar Abstract

RUNSTATS Rescue gathers all the DB2 Optimizer-relevant statistics and saves them away on a regular basis. When you have a “bad” access path (that you have discovered through SQL Monitoring, or telephones ringing), you can very simply reset the DB2 Catalog Optimizer-relevant statistics to a point in time where the SQL Access path was better, thus rescuing you from the perils of bad access paths.

Primarily designed for dynamic SQL, there is also a static SQL extension available, and we have even added a nice SOFTWARE ENGINEERING “front end” for IBM Plan Stability so that both methods of saving Static SQL are supported.

Speaker biography

Roy Boxwell has more than 30 years of experience in MVS, OS/390, and z/OS environments – 26 of those in DB2. He specializes in installation, migration, and performance monitoring and tuning. Roy leads the SEG development team responsible for the real time database maintenance solutions. He is also an active participant, speaker and contributor on the IDUG DB2 Listserv and sends out a monthly DB2 newsletter.