DB2 DATA WAREHOUSE and Real World Use Cases

Recording from February 25th, 2015
Duration: 30 Minutes in 4 parts


Tuning DB2 z/OS is a non-stop process.

There is always room for improvement. But who has all the time in the world these days?

Learn in our 4-in-one webinar how a DB2 Performance warehouse can quickly and inexpensively gather the information needed to make informed decisions:

 a 4-in-1 webinar:

Introduction (7 min.)                        Presentation


BIF Usage

(11 min.) Trap and correct the BIFs that will cause belly-ache one day soon.

Index Maintenance Costs

(4 min.) Show the systemic cost of a new index in order to see what the system-wide impact of a new index actually is. Find out if the CPU savings of a new index is outweighed by the cost of Maintenance.

Quiet Times

(3 min.) Review the workload at the table level to find windows of change where typically an ALTER and REORG can be run, with no disruption to current service.


(5 min.) Find the “bad guys” straight away and see who is doing what to whom!

Webinar Introduction

BIF usage

Index Maintenance Costs

Quiet Times