Db2 for z/OS Security Audit: Protecting your Assets

By Dave Beulke and Roy Boxwell

Recording from September 28th 2016
40 minutes in 2 Parts


Webinar presentation

Dave Beulke

Proactive protective security Framework (20 min.)

Dave Beulke will talk about the Security Audit process and how to establish a proactive protective security framework.  He will highlight the required security steps and different industry specific details that will help your security audit team establish baseline and exception reporting.  These proactive procedures Highlight security activities while maximizing reporting of exposure to potential security breaches with automated Tools.

Roy Boxwell

Real world Audit data examples (20 min.)

Roy Boxwell will talk about WorkloadExpert (WLX) and how it can quickly and easily show you the Audit data that you need. He will cover the architecture and the inputs used as well as running through some real world examples.

Dave Beulke & Roy Boxwell

 Questions & Answers (4 min.)

– Aren’t mainframes immune from hacking? Isn’t that just script kiddies?

– What about PLANs and PACKAGEs having EXECUTE on them granted to public?

– How difficult is the WLX high availability Installation?


Proactive protective security Framework


Real world Audit data examples


Questions & Answers



Dave Beulke  –

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  • Member of the inaugural IBM Db2 Information Champions
  • One of 40 IBM Db2 Gold Consultant Worldwide
  • President of DAMA-NCR, Past President of International Db2 Users Group – IDUG
  • Best speaker at CMG conference & former TDWI instructor
  • Former Co-Author of certification tests
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  • Working with Db2 on z/OS since V1.2
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  • Designed/implemented first data warehouse in 1988 for E.F. Hutton
  • Working with Java for Syspedia since 2001 –
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Roy Boxwell

has more than 30 years of experience in MVS, OS/390, and z/OS environments – 26 of those in Db2. He spezialises in installation, migration, and Performance monitoring and tuning. Roy spent eight years developing and coding the AFC2 SAM API as well as working on the RACF and Top Secret TOM’s, for the SAM® Security product.

He is an active contributor to Db2-Listserv, a regular speaker at IDUGs and RUGs, and writes a monthly newsletter about all things Db2. Currently, he is leading the development team responsible for the WorkloadExpert solution.