Tuning Your DB2 z/OS SQL Performance

Recording from February 18, 2016
Duration: 20 minutes in 4 parts


DB2 z/OS SQL Performance Tuning

The classic answer to any DB2 question is, “it depends!” This is especially the case with SQL.

In this webinar we will show you several different ways to look at the data already available on your machine and outline some proactive methods to improve DB2 z/OS SQL Performance.

Introduction                  Presentation


Bufferpool Usage

(3 min) Who is been using my pool?

  • Who is using which bufferpool with which workload?
  • Are there any “hot spots”?
  • Are there any “bad guys” using Catalog/Directly/Work bufferpools?



(2 min) Are your Packages bound correctly?

  • Shorten the time needed to match packages.
  • Find out where the problems are and quickly solve them.
 3Application Workload(8 min) New functionnality added

  • Analysis.
  • Problem detection and trending.
  • Access Path Display
  • SQL Timeline

SQL Time Travel

(3 min) Follow your SQLs through time

  • View how SQL has performed in the past.

How to use a DB2 Performance warehouse for real world Use Cases.

3 Questions & Answers – Q & A

 1Bufferpool usage

Is it exact, down to the getpage per object?

Not really as we are WLX workload based so it is per/sql no per/object but as an overview and starting point it is pretty good
 2PKLIST Chains

What type of performance boost can I expect?

It Depends. According to the Bank of China performance presentation quite a lot!
 3 SQL Time Travel

Can I export the data and send to colleagues or use cognos to access the data?

Yes indeed and as the SQL is externalized you should be able to plug it into cognos etc.

Introduction                                                          More about SQL Workload Analysis


Bufferpool Usage


Application Workload


SQL Time Travel