Workload Insights Without a Trace – Introducing DB2 SQL Tracking

When IBM introduced the DB2 Dynamic Statement Cache (DSC), it transformed the way dynamic SQL was tracked, traced, and tuned. As a result, DBAs can see what is running, when it runs, and who runs it: Important data – especially for per­formance trending, costing and tuning, with the added bene­fit of being useful for auditing too.

Now DB2 10 introduces new tracking capabilities for static SQL, enabling the same oppor­tunities in the form of a “Static State­ment Cache” (SSC). It is not truly a cache, but this term illus­trates what finally becomes pos­si­ble for static SQL. An SSC of­fers the same insights as the DSC. Further­more, the DSC has been en­hanced to record any SQL that is being flushed from the cache – providing unrivalled per­formance, tuning data, and superb auditing capabilities right out of the box! Once executed in your shop, ANY SQL can be re­viewed for auditing, performance analysis, and tuning without any overhead.

Attend this webinar to learn more about utilizing these exciting new features and find out which pit­falls to avoid.