DB2 Recovery and Risk Management

Recovery AssuranceExpert for Db2 z/OS

Recovery AssuranceExpert (RAX) strikes the balance between the critical need for business availability and the associated costs. It secures growing business and helps to meet legal requirements for enterprise-wide database recovery.

Business Availablity

There are many critical components to any recovery strategy – from what type of storage media to use, frequency of backups, recovery time objectives, risk analysis, cost-benefit trade-offs and more – along with an ongoing understanding of all of these elements as the IT infrastructure and business needs change.

RAX can:

  • Quickly identify gaps and lapses, as well as including unrecoverable Db2 objects
  • Reports current recoverability status, and over time, to IT and business personnel and management
  • Uses benchmarks to predict recovery times for Db2 objects

RAX reports system availability as key performance indicators (KPI) from 0 to 100, providing a single, comprehensive decision point for the recovery health of the database.


In this time of mergers, acquisitions and tightened budgets, it’s never been more important to make sure critical data is recoverable in a cost-effective way.


  • Determines recovery risk and cost-benefit backup and recovery scenarios
  • Finds objects copied too often – or not often enough
  • Provides detailed data to determine the best backup strategy
    • Interval
    • Storage media
  • Makes it easy to map backup costs with availability requirements