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Db2 Audit for Mainframe – Db2 z/OS Plattform; Database Activity Monitoring
Db2 security Audit; Personal Data Protection (BSDG Bundesdatenschutzgesetz)

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2018-06 – DST Db2 timestamp problems: I really hate Daylight Saving Time

How to avoid timestamp problems while going from winter to summer time in a Db2 for z/OS system? Is the CHAR or Timestamp use, the safest timestamp procedure? How do you fix it? This year, as every year, the moment arrives for

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2018-05 Audit 2.0 – GDPR Audit guide and checklist for Db2 z/OS

Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Auditor A guideline in 5 big Steps to Audit for Personal Data Protection First up, this is not another Audit review and health check sell! We, and I mean especially

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