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Founded in 1992 as the North American subsidiary of SOFTWARE ENGINEERING GmbH in Germany, SEGUS Inc has provided North American customers with quality tools for around 30 years. Our parent company SOFTWARE ENGINEERING GmbH is based in Dusseldorf, Germany. With over 40 years of experience and over 500 customers worldwide, SOFTWARE ENGINEERING GmbH is one of the largest independent software companies in Germany.

SOFTWARE ENGINEERING GmbH specializes in the development of Db2 for z/OS solutions and services. Our Db2 tools optimize Db2 performance, guarantee precisely-maintained databases, and reduce outages. By predicting SQL performance degradations, automatically managing BIND/REBIND processes, and ensuring database recoverability, these tools support the high availability demands of today’s 24/7 businesses.

SEGUS Inc is also the exclusive North American distributor for HORIZONT Software GmbH of Munich, Germany, specialized in products in and around Job Scheduling, especially IWS (Workload Scheduler). HORIZONT GmbH products also include SmartIS and SmartJCL and are sold throughout the world via a distribution network of independent vendors. If you are outside North America, please contact the local vendor for your region.