IFCIDS for Db2 z/OS Audit

WLX Audit for Db2 z/OS works solely with IBM Technology. It gathers all static & dynamic SQLs from EDM & DSC Caches by STC to OPx and efficiently uses IFCIDs 23, 24, 25, 62, 90, 91, 140, 141,142, 143, 144, 219, 220, 316, 318, 400, 401

There are hundreds of IFCIDs that you can start and use for Db2 z/OS Audit or performance monitoring. Some come  very cheaply like the 316, 317, 401 some are very CPU expensive like the 58 (SQL Full Trace). WorkLoadExpert (WLX) does not use the following IFCIDs for this very reason.

Host variables. Is very expensive and not required for Audit​

IFCIDS for Db2 z/OS Audit, we use and don’t use

WLX Audit for Db2 z/OS use the Following IFCIDS

WorkLoadExpert (WLX) does not use the following IFCIDs

IFCIDs 23, 24, 25, 219, 220 Utilities IFCID 58 SQL Trace. Very expensive indeed!
IFCIDs 55, 83, 87    Set Current SQLID, Identify and End of Signon IFCIDs 63, 350 SQL statement text Output by every PREPARE, BIND/REBIND and also very expensive
IFCIDs 62 DDL  IFCID 97 Drop of objects is covered by the 62 DDL IFCID
IFCIDs 90, 91, 140, 142, 143 Commands and other Audit data  IFCID 107 For every table open and close is very expensive and again can be easily got with the data already in the IFCIDs 316, 317 and 401
IFCIDs 141  DCL IFCID 145 Audit SQL text. Is Available with the IFCIDs 316, 317, 401 and so this is not required
IFCIDs 144, 316, 318, 400, 401 DML IFCID 247 Host variables. Is very expensive and not required for Audit
IFCID 270 Trusted context CREATE / ALTER
IFCID 271 Column Mask/Row Permission – CREATE / DROP / ALTER IFCID 361 Audit Administrative Authorities. Unless you are running with Audit Policy SYSADMIN or DBADMIN this IFCID outputs for *every* SELECT, INSERT etc. this is very high CPU and just dangerous in production. The data within can be captured using other means


Learn more about the IFICIDS we use in WLX Audit for Db2 z/OS :

Customer results from the Banking Industry

IFCIDS we don’t use for an Audit for DB2 z/OS: IFCID 58, IFCID 63, IFCID 350, IFCID 97, IFCID 107, IFCID 145, IFCID 247

From our experience with the banking industry we established an effective process where our WLX Audit replaces the homegrown customer solution.