SmartJCL: The cost-effective, reliable JCL Checker

Every time JCL changes, a potential source of errors is introduced. Changes are often made “on the fly”. There is never enough time to thoroughly test for all eventualities. However, SmartJCL is a high quality – yet cost-effective – solution. An affordable tool that is nonetheless completely reliable and easy to use. By eliminating as many potential errors as possible, before JCL is introduced into Production, less time is wasted searching for problem sources later. SmartJCL proactively flags and corrects errant JCL – including mass updates made to JCL libraries – and scans IDCAMS, DFSORT/SYNCSORT, PDSFAST, IEH/IEB Utilities, ADRDSSU.

SmartJCL consists of different components:

  • The base module is required for each installation.
  • The optional reformat module allows for automatic, site-specific formatting.
  • The optional remote check feature uses a proprietary, secure FTP to remotely check JCL from z/OS to z/OS system across sysplexes and RDZ.
  • Support of mass change scripts.
  • REXX interface to enforce the quality of site-wide standards.
  • For IWS users there’s the optional OPC/SimJCL, which is specifically designed for IWS z/OS (formerly TWS). SmartJCL simulates OPC variables for any given date in the future. This module also works with other third party JCL checking programs.

Therefore, it is not necessary to purchase the whole package – only the modules needed.

SmartJCL Diagram

Not only is SmartJCL cost-effective to purchase and use, but there is never a fee for upgrades! Fees for SmartJCL are based on the current machine, at the time of installation. None of those annoying upgrade fees that “other” vendors charge.

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