BIF/ICI HealthCheck for Db2 z/OS

BIF/ICIs Checker for Db2 z/OS

Uncover Built-in Functions & Incompatible Change Indicators within static and dynamic SQL

The IBM tolerance parameters “BIF Compatibility” (in Db2 10), and “APPLCOMPAT” (in Db2 11), ensure that companies can upgrade to these Db2 versions without experiencing outages or problems due to the use of Built-in Functions which are being phased out.

These work-around solutions will only function for two Db2 releases before the potential BIF/ICI problems MUST be addressed.

SEGUS has developed two software variants in order for companies to get a head start on locating their problematic BIF/ICIs:

  • Licensable but free of charge version is called “BIF/ICI HealthCheck”

    The freeware “BIF/ICI HealthCheck” helps to define the scope of the problem by providing a decision platform for action. It simply shows the number of problematic BIF/ICIs and may provide peace of mind when none are found. This easily installed software is licensed but free of charge to use.

  • Licensable but chargeable version is called “WLX BIF/ICI Detection” (Use Case 35)

    The “WLX BIF/ICI Detection Use Case 35” digs a little deeper (Use Cases overview). It not only shows how many tricky BIF/ICIs a site has, but it also shows exactly where in the SQL they are used. This software is only one module (Use Case) of SQL WorkloadExpert for Db2 z/OS (aka WLX) and requires a full product Installation.


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