Dynamic and Static SQL Access Path Control

Bind ImpactExpert for Db2 z/OS

Bind ImpactExpert (BIX) provides automated and intelligent management of Db2 binds and rebinds, assuring optimal application Performance.Bind ImpactExpert avoids access path degradations, even when you make changes to dynamic SQL.

Bind ImpactExpert proactively determines the access paths and eliminates the access path unpredictability associated with:

  • Rebinds after runstats
  • Rebinds required when moving between Db2 releases
  • Binds of changed applications
  • Mini-binds associated with dynamic SQL

With complete automation, BIX proactively determines access paths and pinpoints degradations at the SQL statement level. Using predictive analysis of dynamic SQL, BIX can also determine the production access paths impacts for dynamic SQL as well.

Key Benefits

  • Determines access path changes before migrating to a new version of Db2
  • Automates management of the Db2 bind and rebind processes
  • Analyzes access paths instead of relying on Db2 performance ratings
  • Easy-to-use ISPF interface that allows in-depth analysis of poor access paths
  • Uses a customizable weighting system to compare access paths
  • Allows for offending SQL statements to be immediately investigated and corrected
  • Predicts RUNSTATS that improve dynamic SQL statement performance
  • Empowers the DBA with AccessPathProtection for the dynamic statement cache
  • Supports DSN_VIRTUAL_INDEXES, allowing you to drop or create indexes to see the affect on the access paths