EPV for z/OS NL

EPV for z/OS NL — the  “light” version of EPV for z/OS

EPV for z/OS NL provides a sub-set of the functionality of  “Classic” EPV for z/OS, at a fraction of the price. EPV for z/OS NL allows even the smallest z/OS shops to start analyzing their z/OS data on a PC.

If errors occur on a z/OS system (and they will!), any member of IT staff can very quickly start an analysis to search for anomalies and help locate the issue.

By only downloading certain SMF records for review, processing time is kept to a minimum and results are presented quickly. This eliminates the necessity of waiting till the next day to receive full reports so issues can be dealt with in a more timely manner.

The HTML output provided by EPV for z/OS NL can be also be exported to MS Excel for further analysis and/or documentation purposes.

Any number of z/OS systems at one site can be analyzed and any number of users may benefit from the product. The pricing is not based on CPU, MIPS or MSU and there are no upgrade fees.

The product can be installed for a limited trial period by submitting the trial form in the side bar >>>