Mass Batch Updates to the Current Plan (CP)

It’s easy to create lists and reports from the Current Plan (CP) for use by non-Production departments, application programmers or other groups.

IWS/BatchCP lets users modify the Current Plan in batch mode: multiple Occurrences, Operations, Special Resources, External and Internal Dependencies. Quickly select candidates using wildcards.

IWS/BatchCP is extremely useful for testing purposes.


Forecast the future with accuracy:

  • Set date fields (Input Arrival Date of Predecessors, Occurrences, Deadlines) to any date in the future.
  • Generate JCL for any date in the future.
  • Simulate IWS (TWS) Variable Substitution.
  • Automate re-start of calendar-related Jobs

Create automatic recovery procedures for error or abend situations.

In summary: Save time and avoid manual Errors.


For more information on the IBM Workload Management tools, please visit the Workload Scheduler pages on IBM’s site.