Db2 Continuous Delivery Deployment Check

CDDC for Db2 z/OS

Align Continuous Delivery (CD) to your Continuous Availability with four levels of testing

CDDC for Db2 z/OS Is a pipeline to support fully automated testing of the new Db2 agile delivery. CDDC supports four different levels of testing and a new way of automation. CD-Screening allows you to pick and choose from KPI based test automation. The levels include simple anomaly alerting, access path verification, clone Pre-apply and even workload capture/replay to easily discover any different behaviour resulting from a new CODE, CATALOG or FUNCTION LEVEL.

1. Anomaly alerting based on Incompatibility Change Indicators (ICIs)
2. Dyn./Stat. Access Path Change Detection e.g. via Plan Management
3. Clone based code change pre-apply exploiting Backup System
4. Workload-KPI verification using SQL replay and KPI comparison

CDDC for Db2 z/OS - Continuous Delivery Deployment Check - Agile & Environment simulation - 4 levels of testing - Devops - production clone - function-level; catalog-level

      Automated testing & virtualizing in four levels insures reliable quality insurance

All results are automatically analyzed to generate multi level reports

Fully automates the process of setting up a production clone for testing

  • Exploiting non-disruptive, resource friendly flashcopies
  • Simulating CPU and storage by virtualization technology
  • Comprehensive process, including routing, FTP, operating commands
  • Dynamically supports a variety of source (production systems) with a single one time setup
  • Fully flexible in regards of customization via XML scenario scripts

Capture/Replay covers the entire production workload and include

  • Inconsistency checks
  • Access path comparison
  • SQL workload result verification
  • Resource monitoring