IBM Global Solution Directory

SEG is part of the Global IBM Business Partner Database: Global Solution Directory.
A selection of SEGs Db2 for z/OS proven software solutions are available in „the IBM Global Solution Directory“ after passing IBMs acceptance criteria and comparable to other international IT providers within this IBM network.

SEG is therefore a recognized IBM Business Partner.

IBM Business Partner Application showcase

Special business success’s and IT core competence were also show-cased in an extra parallel IBM Initiative: The Business Partner Application showcase.

SEG has chosen the area of „Global Financing and Computer Services“ to reflect SEGs many years’ experience within the Banking and Insurance sectors. SEG worked with IBM Global Asset Recovery Services (part of IBM Global Financing) to deploy an IBM Certified Pre-owned IBM mainframe that offers ample capacity for smooth and flexible product development at the optimal price point.

Overview of all our IBM Db2 z/OS Mainframe Software solutions.


For more than 25 years, HORIZONT Software GmbH of Munich, Germany has specialized in products in and around Job Scheduling, especially IBM’s Workload Scheduler (formerly TWS or OPC). SEGUS Inc has an exclusive agreement for the distribution of these products in North America. HORIZONT Software GmbH products are sold throughout the world via a distribution network of independent vendors.

If you are outside North America, please  contact the local vendor for your region.


Based in Rome, Italy, EPV Technologies develops and distributes Enterprise Performance Vision (EPV), a suite of products to manage performance and capacity planning in the z/OS, UNIX, and Windows environments. Their proven proprietary capacity planning approach has helped customers worldwide to achieve efficient and stable environments and to reduce costs. SEGUS Inc has an exclusive agreement for the distribution of these products in North America.