Db2 SQL Tuning and Performance

SQL PerformanceExpert for Db2 z/OS

Efficiently written SQL code means efficient CPU usage, improved response time, reduced I/O activity, and reduced resource locking. Interactive testing with SQL PerformanceExpert (SPX) assures best SQL performance already from the beginning of the development phase. The product assists in writing SQL, streamlines quality assurance QA and identifies performance bottlenecks in production.

SPX analyzes SQL performance and identifies Db2 SQL tuning changes that improve application performance, pinpointing problem areas and saving time and money associated with inefficient applications.

Key Benefits

  • Uses intelligent analysis and continuous monitoring to identify SQL statements that can hinder application performance
  • Reduces I/O activity and resource locking
  • Interactively checks new/changed SQL against production data
  • Identifies and eliminates unnecessary package versions and the associated overhead (DASD, CPU)
  • Simulates production-like SQL access paths in test environments
  • Compares SQL statements from different source versions for best performance
  • Offers the right interface and function for
    • Developers
    • QA staff
    • Production DBAs
  • Supports DSN_VIRTUAL_INDEXES, allowing you to drop or create indexes to see the affect on SQL performance
  • Manages and interfaces with the DSC (Dynamic Statement Cache)
  • Uses TSO/ISPF as well as the Eclipse world via Plug-ins: i.e. Rational for z (RDz) and Rational Software Architect (RSA)