Baltimore Washington Db2 Users Group September 2017

Sheraton Columbia 10207 Wincopin Circle, Columbia, MD, United States

BWDb2UG - on September 13th, 2017.

1 - Db2 12 Continuous Delivery – New challenges for deployment:
while a Db2 version migration usually took months, or even years, there will be no new Db2 version after 12, but continuous code drops...

2 - Compliance with compliments! Viable Db2 z/OS workload tracking.
Audit and Compliance is a need that many companies want and have to fulfill.
There’s different ways and tools that promise to be able to do it, but what can they really do and what are the associated costs?

Baltimore Washington Db2 Users Group – June 2018

Sheraton Columbia 10207 Wincopin Circle, Columbia, MD, United States

Meet us at the Baltimore - Washington Db2 Users Group 2018 in June, MD, USA- BWDB2UG - and attend our presentation on Db2 12 Continuous Delivery: "Db2 12 – 12 months agile production experience with more focus on the Data and less on the base"

On October 21st 2016 Db2 12 went GA and several customers have quickly started to take a look at this new version. About a year ago some migrated their production systems and started to gain real life experience.
In July IBM also decided to do a massive rebranding throughout the z – ups, sorry – the Z portfolio. Db2 since then comes with a lowercase b, to place all emphasis on "Data"—your data. With all of this in mind we’ve created this presentation, bundling a year of experience to share best practices and tips for the Data-focused, agile database.

Baltimore Washington Db2 Users Group – June 2019

Meet us at the BWDB2UG – Baltimore Washington Db2 Users Group, MD, USA – June 2019 and attend our presentation
1 - "An Audit a day keeps the lawyers at bay!"
Audit and Compliance is one of the big challenges companies are facing these days. With GDPR and a bunch of other laws either in force or "coming soon to an auditor near you" it is time to bite the bullet and start working with the auditor not against.
This presentation shows how you can answer Who did What When ‐ whenever needed.

2 - „ZOWE – The zGui (r)evolution - First hands on experience and best practices“ from Ulf Heinrich

The evolution of the mainframe had a variety of GUI approaches, some lasted for a while, some never took off at all. However, it was never THE COMMON ecosystem used by all products and all vendors. At the 2018 SHARE, IBM, Rocket Software and CA Technologies announced ZOWE – THE z ecosystem to securely manage, control, script and develop. Of course, an announcement is probably not the final truth, but from what I’ve already seen and used I’m more than enthused. This presentationshows you the basics you need to understand ZOWE, summarizes the steps you need to use it and illustrates how ISPF online and batch applications are supported from the GUI world.