Cloning, Cloning, Cloning,… isn’t it always the same?

Date : August 29, at 1pm (EDT), 19:00 (CET)



Fast and consistent cloning of entire DB2 subsystems, groups of objects, or single objects can – for many reasons – be a major challenge.

From a technical perspective, cloning, as such, is not too complicated a process. A set of easy-to-use and reliable tools can save significant amounts of time, effort, and trouble, especially with regard to the renaming requirements involved.

This webinar focuses on the exact replication of entire DB2 subsystems or data sharing groups, including DS to non-DS, and vice versa, and implementing a one-of-a-kind Fast Rename method.

We will also show how to consistently duplicate groups of objects or single objects, once again taking into consideration all renaming steps.

Reaching the highest automation level of customer-specific cloning scenarios, is the main concern of a successful cloning process. This automation performance allows a seamless and easy integration of existing site-related procedures, making use of the unique strengths of XML.

With our state-of-the-art methods and powerful technology, cloning is fast and easy.


Why clone?

  • The need for cloning
  • The scope of cloning
  • The possible pitfalls

Technical challenges:

  • Cloning scenarios
  • The renaming issue
  • The technical integration

Tools of the trade:

  • Get it
  • Use it
  • Be an expert

Speaker biography:

Karl Henn has more than 25 years of experience in MVS systems programming, assembly language development, computer center operations, as well as in infrastructure planning, risk analysis and technical security. For the past 12 years, he has been working as a Senior Systems Programmer for Software Engineering GmbH, widening his area of expertise in the field of DB2 Systems Programming.