Webinar: An Audit a day keeps the lawyers at bay!


Tuesday April 14th, 2020

10 am (EDT – New York)

04 pm (CET – Berlin – Paris – Madrid)

GDPR, GLB, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, Basel III, Sarbanes-Oxley, CA SB1386, Federal Information Security Management Act, “Red Flags”Rules confront us us with serious requirements to protect the data and to fulfil Auditors requests.

There are different ways and tools that promise they are able to do it, but what can they really do and what are the associated costs?

This webinar introduces Db2 technology exploitation that delivers DML, DDL, DCL activity in a Db2 environment along with identification details.

This webinar helps you understand the way Auditors look at Db2 and what they require in order to do their daily work. Learn how you can satisfy your Auditors needs, by interfacing with an SIEM system, like:

  • QRadar, Splunk, AlienVault, et al,
  • combining the Db2 information with RACF, SMF and Master Log data.

Speaker biography

Roy Boxwell has more than 34 years of experience in MVS, OS/390, and z/OS environments – 31 of those in Db2. He specializes in installation, migration, and performance monitoring and tuning. Roy leads the SEG development team responsible for the real time database maintenance solutions. He is also an active participant, speaker and contributor on the IDUG Db2 Listserv and sends out a monthly Db2 z/OS Newsletter.