2020-03 Db2 REORG SYSCOPY: DRAIN Delays are Despicable

REORG and missing SYSCOPY: delays on a Db2 site caused from a DRAIN SQL and a badly timed RUNSTATS. How to identify the bad SQLs thanks to z/OS tools.

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2016-08 – Is it Safe? How to recover accidently dropped tables

Do you have the DDL anywhere? Was there a “recent” image copy or disk back-up? Who can you call for help? The newsletter title this month is really nothing to do with the film “Marathon Man”, but sometimes backup and

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2016-04 DB2 SYSCOPY – Do you know what is in it? Redux

DB2 10, DB2 11 Migration & DB2 Database maintenance A special query to check and clear out the DB2 Catalog   This is a redux of my original Newsletter from February 2013 with additional data at the very end – The

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