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Each month, SEG sends out valuable technical DB2 z/OS information based on knowledge gained by the experienced developers and technicians in our product labs. We would like to share this newsletter with other DB2 users, like yourself.

2018-11 db2 Numeric Primary Keys: Space, the final frontier?

What do Db2 numeric Primary Keys have to do with space management ?
How to find out which sequences are nearing their physical limit ?

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2018-10 Db2 bind lock: The Scary Case of the Missing Package

In the Db2 world during a BIND/REBIND, while using the command EXPLAIN(ONLY), you may experience a LOCK problems in production: get rid of Db2 lock-timeout – Db2 bind lock with the exposed SQL queries.

2018-09 Db2 Console output : Message in a bottle

With these sample queries, find out how to review your Db2 messages from a high level overview down to the details.
You can review the Db2 Console output from different perspectives and simply bypass the boring „J“ ones for Full Log and Log Offload to leave behind the interesting ones.

Now you have two possibilities to get the Console Messages from Db2, just write your own IFI program or buy our newly updated software (!)

2018-08 SOUNDEX and other “cool” features – Part six All new for Db2 12

Part six of my – everlasting – walk through of new Aggregate and Scalar functions. Following with :  HASH & WRAP Previous “SOUNDEX” Newsletters Part 5:  2018-07:  SOUNDEX and other „cool“ features – Part five All new for Db2 12 Part

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2018-07 – SOUNDEX and other “cool” features – Part five All new for Db2 12

Part five of my – everlasting – walk through of new Aggregate and Scalar functions. This time I will start with the new AGGREGATE functions introduced in Db2 12. LISTAGG This is mainly of interest due to the fact that

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2018-06 – DST Db2 timestamp problems: I really hate Daylight Saving Time

How to avoid timestamp problems while going from winter to summer time in a Db2 for z/OS system? Is the CHAR or Timestamp use, the safest timestamp procedure? How do you fix it? This year, as every year, the moment arrives for

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2018-05 Audit 2.0 – GDPR Audit guide and checklist for Db2 z/OS

Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Auditor A guideline in 5 big Steps to Audit for Personal Data Protection First up, this is not another Audit review and health check sell! We, and I mean especially

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2018-04 Negative DBIDs: Something new something old

Or: „Even Roy learns things from Listserv!“ While discussing negative DBIDs on Listserv the other day, another poster commented on my SQL Code snippet and said that it could well be better changing from LOCATE and HEX to using the

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 „Breaking the rules is often fun, although we cannot condone it. But breaking the rules of Real Time Statistics (RTS) in Db2 12 can really land you in hot water. We provide two queries that may give you a Get

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2018-02 Db2 Catalog Statistics revisited

Db2 Optimizer & access path selection for Db2 11 & Db2 12 : Db2 Catalog data | Problematic default values | Correlations in the Db2 Catalog  It has been six years since the last update so I thought, after Terry Purcell’s excellent

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