2015-03: DB2 z/OS object changes: Quiet Times for maintenance

Do you have an idea when tables are in use?   Ahhh! Wouldn’t it be great if we all had just quiet times? Sadly we never have time for anything these days, let alone for peace and quiet! The quiet

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2015-01 BIFCIDS – Where’s the BIF?

How will you deal with loop-hole usage in production code?     The IFCIDs 366 and 376 DB2 provides many and varied IFCIDs. But for today, I’m most interested in the 366 and 376. The 366 is available in DB2

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2015-02: DB2 z/OS AUDIT – Boring Boring Boring

  New IFCIDs 316 – 400/401 for DB2 z/OS Audit “on the fly” I use the Monty Python title as it reminded me of an old telephone book joke in England: look up „boring“ in the Yellow pages – there

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