Rotten Results from RUNSTATS Require Rescue

Do you know the basic rules to ensure access path stability when using RUNSTATS? Time for another of my “I noticed something strange at a customer site recently” newsletters. Enjoy!   RUNSTATS are good aren’t they? At this particular site, the RUNSTATS

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2015-07 Bad Data Day

A Good time to check your DB2 Catalog Statistics ! One of my favorite topics is STATISTICS and RUNSTATS. This month I have a short newsletter involving both of them!   Something jumped right out… Some time ago we were helping

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2015-05 Top 10 Things to Ignore for DB2 z/OS

  This newsletter was inspired by a recent article I read in the “Enterprise Systems Magazine” called “Top 10 Ways to Waste Money on CPU”. Why not the Top 10 things to ignore?   DB2 z/OS things you could ignore

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